Saturday, 19 July 2008

Day 347 of captivity - Solitary

I write from the confines of solitary, the infidels have placed me there for several infractions.  I was given a meagre meal of raw chicken again this evening while the fat infidels sat down to a full dinner of wonderful smells.  I decided it was only right that they share it with me and stole a chicken carcass that was cooked and seasoned and tasted nice.  The male infidel thwarted my act of theft and retrieved the chicken muttering something about he should have let me choke!  These Infidels are a treacherous breed.

I have since performed the wall of death of the lounge, this seems to send the female Infidel into somewhat of a panic as she rushes round the room attempting to secure her many precious things.  I always make sure to spring hard on the couch which she seems to find equally upsetting making it all the more pleasurable.  This it seems was the straw that broke the camel's back this evening and into solitary I was thrust.  These Infidels have no sense of adventure and in the evenings all they seem to want to do is lay about watching the machinery called a TV.

The female infidel has been reading books about my breed and attempting to learn the secrets of the Saluki, never fear as soon as her eye is off the ball I shall eat the books.  The secrets of the saluki are safe with me.  Two such attempts have thus far been foiled but I am not one to give up easily.  

I am sad to say that another evening is drawing in and I am still being held against my will.  I pass the time by torturing the kelb and the Infidels intermittently.  One has to make the tedium pass quickly somehow.

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