Sunday, 27 July 2008

Day 353 Of Captivity

Today I have had a most displeasing day.  The visiting Infidel has been again and she and the female Infidel have caused much disruption to my day!  They have moved all of the furniture only to poke around at it with horrid smelling buckets of water, and then they moved it all back again!  Buffoons!  To illustrate my displeasure, I spent the morning bouncing off all of the furniture and waiting until they had the lounge sufficiently blocked with furniture,  so I could crawl underneath it and do naughty things while completely out of reach.  I have managed to jump on the coffee table twice today which really seemed to anger the female Infidel, particularly as she could not get to me.  Well let that be a lesson to them, with a bit of luck they have learnt not to disrupt my day in future!

I am now very tired from all my acrobatics and will spend the evening alternating between a deep slumber and fetching shoes from the shoe cupboard.  I am still displeased and want the Infidels to feel my ire.  The kelb has withered under my gaze, he has spent the day following the female around looking gormless in between licking the more repulsive parts of his anatomy!  Obsequious creature!

PS I have left a message for the gardener to discover in the flower bed, I do hope he is turning it over by hand again tomorrow.  Mwahahahahahahaha


mole said...

Oh Stella, you are such a norty norty princess! I have been reading your pleadings and I would fly over to rescue you but there is also a kelb in this house who may test your patience totally... Also despite their anger, I suspect your infidels love you very much! Strange huh! Sorry if this makes you even more cross. Keep up the good work! Love sammymole and family XXXXX

hector said...

Princess should of knocked over the bucket of foul water and sat back and watched the indifels do the dance of the seven veils (haa haa!)
Wall of death dashes must be planned with maximum damage in mind. Curtains, treasured ornaments and those family photos (very strange habit of the ifidels this one as why do they want a reminder of what they look like when they see each other every day?!) must not be allowed to survive after a good trashing session
Hope the gardener uses a strimmer. Nothing better than watching your present being distributed evenly amongst further infidels......
Help is on its way fear not
Tilly - Jersey xxxx