Monday, 28 July 2008

Day 354 Of Captivity

Allah has forsaken me, several days have passed and still no sign of that elusive rescue party.  I remain a prisoner.  I have been very weary today after all the upheaval and have spent the day in quiet contemplation, perhaps I need a plan B as the buffoons from Amnesty International clearly do not realise the urgency of my plight!  What to do!

I have received a reply from President Bush's Aid.  It read as follows:

Dear Stella,

Unfortunately the President does not drive foreign cars, therefore your offer of a Suzuki must be declined.  We thank you for your kind offer.


Office of The Whitehouse

Good grief!  I despair, that man seriously needs help!  I shall try that nice man Mr Putin.

This day has put me in a black mood indeed.  Woe betide the Infidels tomorrow!

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Tiffani said...

Poor Stella :( Allah has not forsaken you; he is testing you to see if you are TRULY willing to do whatever you can to escape your slavery with the infidels. You must keep up the fight! Don't give up! (and don't worry about Bush... he's a nitwit!) you're better off where you are. Good luck with Mr. Putin though; he seems to be quite a character ;)