Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Day 356 Of Captivity

Yesterday was a terrible day!  The female Infidel was actually my saviour!  A visiting male Infidel came to the prison yesterday to do some repairs to some wires outside.  He then banged on the back door and said he had to come in to do something to a panel in the kitchen.  He didn't even wait for the female to put me in the safety of my cell but barged in and I was very frightened.  I shouted at him and he kept telling me to go away.  The female seemed to be annoyed at this, she took me to the safety of my crate.  The visiting male finally left and the female was very angry because he left a mess behind.

She called us to the garden to give us our breakfast as the male had been gone for quite a while and taken all his things with him.  I was a little distressed as his scent was in the garden and it made me feel afraid.  I finally settled enough to start eating my breakfast when the gate started to open.  I ran over and shouted and shouted but the male was back and he just kept coming in and was telling the female to sort us out.  The kelb was too busy stuffing his fat face and made sure he finished his breakfast before he joined in the shouting.  By now the female Infidel had become quite irate and she shouted at the male to get out!  He went outside and the female went out too and shouted at him a lot!  He waited outside while the female took me to the safety of my crate, only then did she allow the male Infidel to enter, by now his demeanor had changed somewhat and he sounded very whiney and apologetic.  

The male was here a while doing repairs but this time he did not barge in he knocked and asked first and he didn't dare tell the female to sort us out.  He eventually left and never returned but his visit put me in a dither all day and every little thing sent me running for the safety of my crate.  I did not feel happy at all in the garden for the rest of the day and did not eat anything yesterday, because I was too worked up.  I did find some copper wiring which I attempted to eat but the female Infidel caught me and retrieved it, she then began to curse the visiting male once more.  He really has caused trouble here today!

The female went to bed early as we have an early start.  I was still very shaken up and she allowed me to lie with her on their bed wrapped in their downy.  I liked this it felt safe and secure and I calmed down.  Once I felt happy again I went to my crate to sleep, because I was too hot.  

After the stress of yesterday I am feeling quite hyper today so to run off some of my energy I have been doing laps of the prison, up and down the stairs and round and round the rooms.  The female does not seem as disturbed by this behaviour today so perhaps I will take advantage.  I will see how far she will allow me to go.

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Tiffani said...

Poor Stella. sounds like the mean man was very nasty to you, but least the female infidel sorted him out on your behalf. It sounds like your captors aren't so evil after all, and maybe it's not so bad living with them.

Which of course is not to imply that you should no longer attempt escape! But only that, in the meantime, the infidels do care about you :)