Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Day 362 Of Captivity

I was gaily singing along to the Imam calling to prayers at 4am this morning in my best singing voice, but the Infidels did not appear to appreciate my musical talent.  They awoke in the foulest of tempers!  The black mood continued when the female Infidel took us for a run on the cycling contraption this morning.  The filthy kelb decided to evacuate his bowels on route and while the female was cleaning up the foul mess, I started leaping about excitedly as I had seen a peasant cat and wished for her to release me to assassinate it.  With all my activity I almost made her fall in the kelbs leavings which did not seem to make her very happy.  She muttered some unrepeatable words for the rest of the exercise and seemed to be in a very bad mood when we returned to the prison!  

I am not very pleased this morning either, because the female Infidel has stripped all my bedding and is putting it in the machine that she thinks makes it smell nice!  I can see that I will have to do something about that as I prefer my bedding to have a more Saluki aroma to it.  A bit of oud sprayed in my cell would go down a treat but no I have to have Infidel smells from their machine instead.

I have spent the morning chewing on a rug on the landing as no one is paying me any attention.  I even left a bit of the wool on the corner of my mouth so that they would know.  Yes that got their attention.  I am now in solitary just for a change.  Bugger!

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