Sunday, 17 August 2008

Day 372 Of Captivity

Groan I am still a captive!  We had an eventful week last week.  A video was made of us exercising but after last time I don't hold out much hope of anything coming of it!  Amnesty International is clearly populated with Infidels and they are all in it together.  I still await their arrival with baited breath!

The kelb managed to wangle a trip to the centre of town but you have all guessed it, he returned with the infidels.  He was none too pleased as he had had a needle stuck in his posterior and was no fun all day as he just wanted to sleep.  I protested quite vigorously at not being taken along on this trip, although I am pleased that I did not have a needle stuck anywhere in me!  These Infidels are degenerates!

Whilst the visiting Infidel was here at the weekend, she opened the front door not long after the Infidels had left the house.  The kelb always snivels when they leave and he decided to jump over the visiting Infidel and go after them.  He is such a moron though he made it into the light of day and to freedom and then came back in the house again!  I tell you if you get close enough to his head you can hear the air whistling through, he is like a living conch!

so another day in this dull Infidel world for me!  

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