Friday, 22 August 2008

Day 377 of Captivity

There is no end to the lengths these Infidels will go to, to torture me!  Not only are they continuously putting their foul breathed faces near my head and kissing me (Gag!  The indignity!), patting me and patronising me with comments like "Aren't you a pretty girl??"  Of course I am beautiful!  I am a princess!  They insist on grooming my coat as well to make me look like I belong in this Infidel society, as their prisoner.  The female Infidel spent some time this afternoon smoothing down my unruly coat and I am now having to spend my energy trying to cultivate the unkempt look again!  Perhaps there will be something nasty in the garden I can roll in to undo her labour and return myself once more to the free spirit that I truly am.  Next time she leaves the drawer of dog equipment open, I am going to eat the grooming tools!  

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