Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Day 388 of Captivity

Revenge is a dish best served cold.  I woke the Infidels at 2.30 this morning to demand my breakfast as I must be fed before sun up.  Being the buffoons they are, they simply threw me out into the garden and sent me in the direction of the toiletting area!  When I was put back in my cell I thought a bit of singing was in order, but thought it prudent to fall silent when the male Infidel threatened to bury me in the desert.

We have had our daily exercise and a couple of hours later the Infidels fed me!  I refused to indulge them, it is Ramadan!  Now I shall have to wait until sun down to be sated, cretins!  Needless to say the fat infidel kelb quaffed his meal this morning.

I am currently languishing on the infidels bed, but no doubt they will find some asinine excuse to put me in my cell.  The usual crimes are running around the room at top speed, wrestling with the kelb when he is sleeping, jumping on their heads when they are trying to sleep and other such trivial excuses.  Why don't they just have me stuffed and be done with it?

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