Sunday, 7 September 2008

Day 393 of Captivity

The buffoon female infidel took some photos of me wearing a silly pink coat that I believe is to be my winter attire this year, or at least she thinks so anyway!
I refused to pander to her silliness and would not look into the camera.

Of course being a fabulous princess it was a little difficult to resist.  (look at my tortured face).

I am acutely aware that I look a complete imbecile in this hideous Infidel contraption!  I am not amused!

I am just trying to work out if there is any way that I can consume this coat to spare myself the humility of having to wear it in public.

You have witnessed the torture they put me through, if anyone out there wishes to emancipate me, please do!  Infidels need not apply!


Tiffani said...

Hi Stella,

My Mommy has tried to do that to me before. I recommend running zoomies around the house non-stop until they concede defeat. Don't give up hope!


Anonymous said...

Horrors of horrors! What has she done to Princess now? One must bide her time and seek out this instrument of terror and either chew it and place it at the feet of the fat kelb or pee on it

Remember to bring the fatwa to the fat one ....................

Nellie said...

These guys that live with me make me waer a coat....thankfully howver not pink and no fur trim....I did spot Twiggs buying a leopard skin one from Ebay last week...please can you advise on the best way to shred and devour ?
Thank you Nellie x x xx