Thursday, 18 September 2008

Day 404 of Captivity

Ramadan Kareem!  I have been quiet of late as it is the festival of Ramadan.  I have spent much of my time sleeping during the day, waking late afternoon to attain a sugar rush from dates, I haven't managed to get my hands on any coffee, the infidels keep it hidden and make comments along the lines of me being wired enough!

I have managed to consume yet another of the visiting infidels pairs of shoes, which made the female infidel extremely angry.  She can be a drama queen that one!  I got hold of their music machine remote today and attempted to annihilate it, there is only so much Abba a girl can stand!

The Infidels went out this evening and I was left behind with the teenage hairy hormonal Infidel and the weedy stringy little Infidel, that tastes unclean.  I amused myself springing into the weedy ones room and relieving him of his possessions and myself on his carpet.  This was a great source of entertainment until the hairy one flew into a hormonal outburst and I was thrust once more into solitude.  He really needs to chill out a bit and get a sense of humour!  Still I doubt if I would have a sense of humour if I resembled a tactically shaved chimp!

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Anonymous said...

Lmfaoooooooooooo Stella you are sooo norty. I wonder if you'll attain freedom...........

Jinty xxxx