Monday, 29 September 2008

Day 415 of Captivity

The male Infidel has taken the hairy teen and the nerdy boy Infidels away on holiday for 18 days.  The female infidel has remained at home with the sweaty kelb and myself, apparently many of her friends would be willing to take the kelb but they are all too lilly livered to cope with me!  How feeble they must be!  

I have been keeping the female on her toes and dug a nice big crater in the back yard which she consequently filled back in.  I have pretended to be restless at the departure of the male infidels and used it as an excuse to chew on a few things.  Quite frankly I wish they had all gone away, I could then live the life I was born for and enjoy a bit of freedom, instead of having to endure the tedium of these wretched proles.  I shall enjoy bringing the female infidel to her knees over the next week or so, normally she has reinforcements, let's see how she copes with me on her own.

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