Monday, 6 October 2008

Day 422 of Captivity

I have had such fun for the last few days, all at the female infidels expense of course.  She and her friend have started making Christmas decorations!  Every infidel knows full well that Christmas is Haram!  She spent ages sticking little trees onto a skirt that is to go round her tree, and I managed to get hold of it the other day and bite a few off.  She was not at all amused, as it had taken the best part of an afternoon to put them there.  She bellowed at me when she caught me, she really must learn not to leave things lying about even if it for just a few seconds, I am a fast worker.

Last night was not so much fun, I seem to be experiencing another hormone surge and the kelb was like a dog possessed.  He seemed to be of the opinion that I was his prison bitch yesterday, the mere thought sends a shiver down my spine and makes me feel sick to the stomach.  Not even if he were the last kelb alive would I sully myself so!  Luckily the female infidel removed him and made him lie down away from me, it didn't stop his attempts on my person, it was as if he were bewitched.  I can understand his attraction to me, I am rather alluring, but he is a minion.  GAK!  

The dust seems to have settled this morning and he has only had a quick sniff as the female told him at once to leave me.  I just know that if it continues I will have to be taken to see the vet and be impaled again with a needle to stop the hormones.  What a wretched existence.  A fatwa on the lustful kelb!  Loathsome creature.

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Tiffani said...

Hiya Stella!

Boys don't understand that sometimes, even when you are beautiful and have a "come on" scent emanating from your fabulous glands, that you just want to be left alone (or at the very least, that those scents are NOT meant for him specifically!)

You don't celebrate Christmas where you live? That's weird! hahahahaha I love Christmas! they bring a tree inside the house and put goodies under it. It's practically an invitation to be naughty! I love it :D

Leans n licks,