Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Day 452 of Captivity

I knew that the Infidels were complete and utter simpletons, but I am now convinced that they don't have an ounce of sense!  The world has been coming to an end and they have sat around drinking tea as if nothing were happening.  There have been flashes of light in the sky, loud bangs and rumblings and the sky has been collapsing since yesterday, water has been gushing from the heavens.  I am doomed to die as an infidel captive!  Is there no end to the humiliation I must endure!  I have been hiding in my crate and the kelb has taken refuge under the dining table.  Death amongst these godless rogues must surely mean that I will not get into heaven, instead I will end my days surrounded by their pling pling gods and joss sticks.  Help me!


Tiffani said...

but do they at least let you stay inside during all of this? Every time the sky falls where I live, I insist on coming indoors if I'm outside! I will NOT be left out in the weather; I could catch a cold!

If you're inside, at least you have that going for you. The infidels must care somewhat about your health.

Leans n licks,

Anonymous said...

When the heavens rumba Princess must keep the infidels active by repeatedly asking to go and do her private things outside. She must then, at the last second fake fear and terror and wee on the spot and cringe and shake until the infidels submit and lavious comfort on her. If not, howl like a banshee and distrub them all!
Bringing the fatwa to the fatone...