Saturday, 20 December 2008

Day 498 of Captivity

This year I have mostly been eating:

1 camel saddle
7 pairs of shoes
1 mobile phone
2 pairs of spectacles
3 of the legs from a wooden elephant
2 TV remotes
2 kitchen chairs
A trashy novel
pot pourri
A brightly coloured pen (managed to get the ink on the carpet with that one)
An Umbrella plant
Several yards of tinsel
A blanket
All of the sweaty kelbs toys (he should not be so pitiful and run round with cuddly toys)
Cushion covers
Tassels from cushions
The curtains on the landing
The tie backs on the landing
The rug on the landing (bit of a clue here, supervise me on the landing!)
The face off a sock monkey (I was disturbed mid chew and did not manage to fully consume this item)
Several TV guides
Various invertebrates found in the garden
Various dish cloths and sponges (I particularly like the green scrubby variety of sponge if anyone is thinking of a Christmas gift!)
Much counter surfing activity has taken place this year and I have managed to surreptitiously liberate several doughnuts from being scoffed by the infidels ( I am only thinking of their girth)
And a Weim mar rah ah ah ner ( hmm it works to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas)

Yes, all in all it has been a good year for consumables.  May 2009 bring more of the same.

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