Monday, 2 February 2009

Day 543 of Captivity

I have had the most dreadful few days, I have been so ill.  I think the kelb must have infected me with his disgusting germs, as it is most suspicious that he was ill at the same time.  He is always breathing his foul breath on me, he must have contaminated me.  Not only have I been ill, but I have been ill with a repulsive kelb virus!  I could have expired!  I have spent much of my time asleep, too weak to engage in much skullduggery.

I was feeling much better last night and decided a spot of skulking was in order, especially as the infidels have got off lightly these past few days.  I managed to entice the male infidel into following me about for a time, but he soon tired of it and lapsed into a bout of rage!  He can be so tiresome!  The female wasn't engaging in being a source of my amusement either.  

This morning she cooked a huge pan of stew, it smelt so lovely.  I did attempt to remove the lid and taste some but she heard me clattering about in the kitchen and dismissed me from the room.  They are so selfish and never share their consumables.  I have to eat a horrid gruel of raw chicken, while they banquet on all kinds of wonderful things.  In order to exact my revenge, I ate the cover from the female infidels novel she is reading while they were quaffing!  She who laughs last, laughs longest!!!!

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