Sunday, 8 March 2009

Day 577 of Captivity

There is no end to the cruelty that these infidels will stoop to.  This weekend I was taken in the motor vehicle to visit the Vet!  I do not like the Vet, he generally sticks needles in me for no good reason.  I refused to get out of my crate when we arrived and made sure that the female infidel had to heave and pant to get me out.  I then refused to walk on my own, I was not about to make it easy for them.  The female seems to believe I settle better with her, so she had the job of carrying me in and up the 2 flights of stairs.  She was wheezing like an asthmatic Rhino by the time we arrived at the desk of the Vet, most undignified!

The Vet then stabbed me in the neck, not once, but three times!  It was most disagreeable and if I could have turned my head I would have bitten him.  The one thing I did like about the Vet's was that there were many peasant cats just there for the taking, although of course the shadow of bore did not allow me to indulge in any such delight.  She really does suck the fun out of everything!  I was made to stand about while they prattled on with the Vet.  Finally they decided to return to the motor vehicle.  I walked there on my own, I was only too happy to be retreating from the Vet's.

We set off for home again.  Just as we were turning onto the street where we reside, I exacted my revenge.  I vomited through the bars of the crate, managing to catch the female infidel as it passed through the bars of the crate, splashing onto her aghast face.  An appropriate reprisal I feel.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh Stella congrats on your award, what an achievement!!! I bet your infidel is seething at your recognition.

Keep up the good work love aunty jint xxx

Luke Leigh said...

I truly wish I had been there to see that.....obviously without getting covered myself but I bet her face was an absolute picture.

One of life's missed Kodak Moments! I guess I will just have to live with the concocted visual imagery (LOL).

judeyloufacemommabear said...

These infidels should be brought to justice...and on this occassion Princess Stella you were the arbitrator of such justice. Your reward will be great. I just wish I had seen the female infidel struggling with the sick stained abaya and vomit streaked face!