Sunday, 29 March 2009

Day 597 of Captivity

Those dastardly villains have really gone too far this time.  I have a cut on my leg, which I have been keeping clean by chewing it.  This does not meet with the standards of the female infidel, however, and she has put some horrid stingy stuff on it and taped it all up.  To add to my humiliation she has then forced me to wear a stupid sock, to apparently keep it clean.  I think she just wants me to look a fool.  She is very cruel and told me if she catches me chewing the sock, she will put olbas oil on it to put me off!  She is a scoundrel and her cruelty knows no bounds!  She is convincing herself it is for my own good.  Poor deluded imbecile!

Not only have I had to endure this intolerable cruelty, but I was then forced to parade through the streets this morning, looking like I had a wooden leg.  Of course I milked it for all it was worth, and when we passed anyone I put on my most pathetic of faces.  I did get some sympathy, but no one seems to have felt compelled to come to my aid and free me.  I am still a captive.  I have concluded that all the infidels must be as depraved as each other.  I continue to document their acts of sadism against me, in the vain hope that someone out there will take pity on me and come to my rescue.  In the meantime I remain in this soul-destroying existence.  The Kelb is drooling on the couch next to me, he really is repugnant.  

The infidels managed to compound their abuse a few weeks back, thinking that I would be willing to share a chaise with the kelb for the evening whilst they slept.  Most kind of them to free me from my cell, but really, sleep with the kelb?  I choose jail!  I skulked off to my cell in a sullen mood.  I am a Pure bred Arabian princess and he is a disgusting troll, I would rather be flayed alive and rolled in salt than have to endure his drooling, smelly carcass next to me all evening.  The very thought makes my blood run cold!  Will this persecution ever end?

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