Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Day 599 of Captivity

The female Infidel woke the male with a cup of tea and some toast this morning.  She then went back downstairs to get her own, leaving the kelb and I in the room with the male Infidel.  I was lolling about on the Infidels bed, when suddenly I lunged at the male and absconded with a slice of his toast smothered in delicious peanut butter.  The male was infuriated by my impudence and he jumped up out of bed and began pursuing me most vigorously.  We danced from one side of the bed to the other, and I could see he was about to explode with fury.  The female Infidel was aghast, as she opened the door to witness a naked male Infidel lunging across the bed like superman making a grab for my retreating posterior as I made a run for the now open door.  I am not sure who was more disturbed by the vision of a naked male infidel leaping through the air in a pathetic attempt to catch me, myself or the female Infidel.  She looked quite pale.

I made my way to the mid landing and relished my spoils.  The male Infidel sulked for quite some time, he did not even crack when I leant against him with huge sad eyes, fluttering my eyelashes.  That usually gets him every time, he is such a drama queen, he would have given me the toast anyway, I just couldn't wait!  The kelb was horrified and kept giving me withering stares from his bed, letting me know that he found my behaviour distasteful.  He then had the audacity to make several advances on my person throughout the day, when will he realise that I would never stoop so low!

The female infidel spent the morning baking the most delicious chocolate muffins, which she put under that annoying dome to prevent me from partaking in what should have been my share.  She is so miserly, her excuse is that chocolate is bad for dogs, looking at what it has done to her ass, perhaps she is right!  

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robert said...

just love the last line !!