Friday, 3 April 2009

Day 601 of Captivity

The female Infidel was ill yesterday.  She went to bed to wallow in her own self pity and of course the creepy kelb went with her to lie by her side, throwing her the odd pitying look and being a general crawler.  He disgusts me!  I went up there too, because I am quite nosey.  The female Infidel eventually drifted off to sleep, but lying watching her being feeble was becoming rather tedious.  I was bored and decided to sprint round the room at top speed, jumping hard onto the bed a couple of times, until the female Infidel sat up wide eyed and swearing like a Trooper, flapping her arms around and generally looking outraged.  She then threw the bedroom door open and dismissed me, sending me from the room.  I was only too glad to leave and went downstairs, her reddened distorted face and shrill rantings retreating into the distance as I ran downstairs to the safety of the male Infidel, who at least saw the funny side to my escapade.  She has no sense of fun!

It is raining again today, and there is no chance the female will get me out there running today.  I hate rain!  I am so bored though.  The Infidels will not allow me to amuse myself by sprinting round the lounge.  I have thrown the couch into the window a couple of times, which is enough to send the female Infidel into a rage, she keeps threatening to crate me if I don't calm down.  I have indulged in a spot of counter surfing, but the stingy Infidels have taken to hiding any contraband in the microwave and I can't quite get the door open myself.  I have tried dragging it off the counter to see if the fall would open the door, but the noise it makes tends to alert the infidels who are never too far away from me for some strange reason. 

I am lying on the back of the couch staring out of the windows, amusing myself by barking at passers by, this activity tends to gall the infidels, especially when the vacuous kelb joins in, because he is very loud and irritating.


jinty said...

Lmfaoooooooooo Stella you do amuse me with your antics!!! Keep up the good work girl love aunty jinty xxxx

Eugenia Teo said...

Stella! Have you been rescued??? :D