Monday, 20 April 2009

Day 618 of Captivity

The other night the Infidels were feeling lazy and ordered their dinner from the restaurant.  The male Infidel put some money on the dresser ready to pay for the delivery and then popped to the lavatory.  While he was gone, I surreptitiously removed the money from the dresser and took it into the lounge and shredded it into a million pieces.  The male returned from the lavatory and sat on the couch waiting for the food to arrive.  I lay on the couch with a sly grin on my face.  The doorbell rang and  I have to admit to taking some perverse pleasure out of seeing him go to the dresser, see the money was missing, then go about the house shouting to everyone asking them if they had removed it.  The look of sheer horror as he passed through the lounge and saw the carpet festooned with a confetti of money was just hilarious.  Not nearly as funny as seeing him red faced on the door step explaining to the restaurant that he would have to pass by later and drop off some money, as his beloved pet had ingested the money he had set aside.  More amusing was the sheer realisation that it was one puzzle he was not going to ever be able to reconstruct as I had swallowed the odd piece.

I am suffering for my deed now as a few nights ago the house was invaded by yet more Infidels.  These are the very Infidels that spawned the female!  They are sleeping in the house and still have not left, it has been almost a week now.  I hope that they are not staying for good.  The Infidel they call Grandad worries me.  I urinated on the end of his bed to let him know that I was not amused by his trespassing.  I have tried to gain access to the room since, but they seem to be keeping it locked up tight.


Laurie said...

Hi Stella baby, sure to hide your poo...just in case. Never know what extent they'll go to to save a buck...

jinty said...

Lmao I knew you would get grandad for coming to stay!!!! But please Stella be a good girl when mummy goes away with daddy as mummy needs the holiday ok.

Aunty Jinty xxx