Sunday, 26 April 2009

Day 623 of Captivity

What an absolutely dreadful week I have had!  Not only have I had to endure having more Infidels around me, but I have also been having another pseudo season.  The kelb has been a dribbling, whining buffoon, no change from normal granted, but he has followed my every move and been fawning all over me.  I have standards!  I was taken to the vet to see if they can help as this has been the worst one in a long time.  The Infidels have found a new vet and seemed to be very confident in him.  There was talk of x-rays to confirm the remnant and possibly another spay operation!  I feel pretty fed up at the moment and I swear if the kelb doesn't stop his whining, I will bite his face off!

On the bright side, there was a glimmer of hope yesterday! I saw a peasant cat on our bike ride and one tug, I managed to snap my leash and break free.  I was so excited at the prospect of dispatching the cat, I didn't realise I could have run away!  I ran off at top speed and screeched to an emergency stop just over the peasant creature, but it made off and ran under a car.  The female Infidel was frantic and screaming my name.  She released the kelb from the bike to chase me down.  The cat ran under the nearest car and I stood guard ready to pounce when it came out, but unfortunately I was so focussed on the cat, I didn't see the female coming and she grabbed my collar and walked myself and the kelb home.  She was in a black mood.  When she got home, she realised I was bleeding, I had skinned my pads and the back of my rear leg in my emergency skid on the concrete.  She has put some cream on them and will not let me keep them clean.  When I chew them clean, she threatens to make me wear a lamp shade on my head, these Infidels are just the pits! 

We did not go out on the bike this morning, but were walked round.  I will wait until next time and run away, that vacuous cat distracted me, but now I know there is a way...........

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jinty said...

Stella you nearly did it! Freedom was in your paws and you let it slip throught them!!! I can't believe you missed the window.

I hear as well that the female has gone off leaving you with those other awful infidels!!! The cheek of her indeed.

Be good.
Love Aunty J xxx