Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Day 640 of Captivity

I have been violated!  Those devils took me into town today and left me at the Vets.  I was then sawn in half and gutted like a fish!  I am now languishing on the couch minutes from death.  The female infidel clearly feels guilty for her part in this, she has been flapping round and giving me drinks of water.  The kelb keeps pushing his fat face close to mine and licking me!  If he gets close enough I will bite him, this is all his fault!  I am taking solace in the fact that, little does he know, but he is next and they are taking his man bits.  He will be barking castrato as of Sunday.  I would sneer at him, but I am in too much pain!  I feel I must milk this for the full duration.  Those scoundrels will suffer for this!

On the bright side the crinkly infidels have gone.  I didn't manage to eat much of their stuff, just a quick nibble on some headphones and a book.  The kelb and I certainly seemed to cause them great stress while the infidels were away languishing in a hotel in Marrakech, having abandoned us and left us at the mercy of the crinklies.  Don't worry we made the crinklies suffer! The kelb kept trying to make me his woman during my pseudo season, a hypothesis so grisly, bile rises up in my mouth at the very thought!    The female kindly brought me back two sheeps leather pouffes, which I  am delighted with and have distressed a little.  

I will write more if I survive the night and gain my strength back.  *peffle*

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Anonymous said...

Awww Stella you poor desolate girlie!!! What humiliation and pain you are going through. Lots of love and hugs from aunty jinty xxx