Thursday, 14 May 2009

Day 641 of Captivity

I just about made it through the night!  I felt very uncomfortable and shuffled about a bit, the female thought it was my wound and allowed me to get comfy.  I urinated on her couch.  The male infidel was none too pleased, but the female, still wracked with guilt defended me saying that I was probably still a bit out of it on the GA.  Little does she know that had the male not taken me to the garden and I was able to push I would have defecated on there as well!  I finally managed to do that in the garden, after the humiliation of having wet cloths to assist me.  Is there no end to the degradation I must endure!

The infidels are clearly beside themselves with guilt for having me maimed.  They actually allowed me to languish on their bed all night in between them.  I woke in the night a couple of times and was very sick.  The female was alerted to it and took me out the back.  I woke her this morning chewing on my stitches and she has now dressed me in a disgusting Adidas T shirt and tied a ribbon round the waist in an attempt to stop me.  Adidas!  I am Gucci or Amani for goodness sake!  Not only have they injured me but they are now humiliating me as well.  The female's guilt has obviously eroded as she has chastised me several times this morning for chewing my stitches.  She clearly underestimates the power of the Saluki when it comes to sulking, she will pay dearly for this!

I can hardly wait until it is the turn of the kelb, he is trotting about with an air of smug satisfaction.  *Growl*

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Anonymous said...

Aww things will improve soon Stella. Then you can be at full strength to wreak havoc and laugh at the kelb. Love aunty jinty xx