Friday, 22 May 2009

Day 649 of Captivity

The Infidels thought the war was won when they put that huge cone on my head, but they underestimated me.  Just before they were going to bed the other night I chucked myself about and managed to smash the cone in half and get free of it.  It was very late at night, so the Infidels did a repair job on it and then the female guarded me all night.  The following morning she called that evil vet and made arrangements to take me back!  She seemed very worried and had been crying in the night.  Clearly the guilt is back.

That afternoon they returned me to the vet.  There was a lot of wringing of hands and worried expressions.  It was discovered that I had removed all of my stitches and done some damage to the tissue underneath.  I had an infection and was quite poorly.  The vet gave me an injection in my back, the needle was huge!  Neither of the Infidels could watch, but they didn't stop him either.  They then took me back to the car and on the way home they bought a new giant lampshade to put on my head.  As if the trip to the vet had not been torturous enough!  To let them know how much I objected I vomited all over the female Infidel just minutes from home.  I thought she was going to cry, she was literally covered in it.

It seems that dastardly vet had given the Infidels some tablets for me to sedate me and keep me from getting at my wound for a few days.  The female gave me 2 tablets and stayed up with me all night, as I fought it and would not settle.  Eventually I calmed down and the infidels have kept me in that state for a few days now.  they have slept by my side taking it in turns to watch over me and brought me drinks of water, and fed me and just made sure I was well.  Perhaps I have misjudged these Infidels, although I suspect a more likely explanation is that they have not been giving me sedatives at all, but mind altering drugs in an attempt to trick me into liking them.  I am sure once I am lucid again I will see things more clearly.

In an attempt to make up for their evil deeds the infidels went out yesterday and bought me a new chair to sleep in.  It hardly compensates for having me sawn in half, but it will do for a start!

I am now being as annoying as possible whinging in my highest voice and digging up the couch.  When I am well again, I have a lot of making up to do.


Luke Leigh said...

Get well soon Stella, thinking of you as always.

Looking forward to you getting has been some time since you have eaten and digested anyone's shoes ;-)

Judy Simpson said...

We miss you. Hope you are improving daily and can get back to writing in your diary!
Judy Simpson

Judy Simpson said...

We miss you, Stella. Get well soon.