Saturday, 6 June 2009

Day 664 of Captivity

Following the ups and downs of my illness, life has returned to the dull monotony of Infidel hell that I previously existed in.  To pass the time I have been perusing the Infidels vast dvd collection.  I came across an interesting series called Prison Break, however I am not prepared to have a map of the prison tattooed onto my royal coat and I certainly don't want the kelb getting in on the plan!  He is far too vapid and his foul stench would give the game away.

I have taken to wandering nocturnally round the bedroom, occasionally bursting into song of such ear splitting pitch it would stun a thrush in mid flight.  This normally rouses the female Infidel.  I have to say she is a philistine where my singing is concerned.  Waking in the night brings out the shrew in her and she is prone to fits of apoplexy.  

To compensate for my nocturnal activity, I am prone to narcolepsy once I have assured she is awake and mobile.  I tend to spend the day languishing on the couch, shouting abuse at the occasional passing peasant, whilst the female infidel scowls menacingly from the opposite side of the room with her moronic sidekick drooling at her feet.

I have set aside The Great Escape and Escape From Alcatraz for future viewing, as Prison Break was rather disappointing.   Tattoos!  *shudder*

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