Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Day 667 of Captivity

The vacuous kelb ate some red ants yesterday whilst inhaling his supper.  It has amused me no end, as he looks like a canine Mick Jagger!  His lips swelled right up making his head look even fatter than usual.  He has not had a good day, he was given his boosters yesterday in his back legs, so to top it off he has been walking as if the Vet left the thermometer in.  From the front he looks like Mick Jagger and from the rear he looks like John Inman.  He has been such a bore and just lay around feeling sorry for himself.  I have been forced to find my own amusement.  I spent the morning distressing the infidels camel stool and pulling out wadding from the storage in the back room and shredding it leaving a trail of destruction for the female infidel to tut over.

The male infidel cooked this evening.  As they were loading up the dishwasher I did a pre wash, I do like to do my bit.  I think the male needs to tweek his recipe, it made my tongue burn and my eyes water!  It has put me off assisting them for a time.  No doubt I shall be spending tomorrow licking my anus like a common kelb!  Damn his ham-fisted use of curry powder!

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