Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Day 682 of Captivity

The female Infidel is still sulking because yesterday she had a couple of visitors.  I was already hyper before they arrived and had been performing the wall of death, much to the female Infidels horror and she rushed about the villa grabbing precious things whilst berating me.  This only made the game so much more fun and sent me into a state of euphoria.  I was in the middle of a lap of the villa when the visitors arrived.  I felt it only good manners to rush to greet them and I took a good run up and launched myself into one of them, a small elderly lady.  The female Infidel then lost the plot and banished me to my crate.  How was I to know I could have broken her hip, I was just being a good host!

Needless to say I have had to endure the most intolerable level of pouting today, and they say Salukis can sulk!  I have spent the day sleeping off the tedium of her bad temper.  


Princess Eva and Brice said...

Princess Stella,
We saw that you are newly listed on DWB and wanted to welcome you.

My brother Brice is awestruck with your beauty and the fact that you are a sighthound. His favorite running partners at the park are the Greyhounds and the Borzoi since they are the only pups that we have met that can outrun him.

We'll stop back soon to check on your progress to escape from capivity.

Princess Eva of Belgium
(Royal Ambassador to the US)

Cori said...

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! I'm going to have to put aside some time to read your whole blog this weekend.

I'm glad I found you blog before Hoover did because I'm afraid I'll have to block him from reading this. You would just give him far too many bad ideas!

Cori (Hoover's mom)

Stella (given to me by the infidels) said...

Cori, I wish I was able to laugh in the face of adversity. I am hoping that by documenting the their acts of cruelty against my person I will eventually by rescued from the perdition of living with Infidels.

Stella (given to me by the infidels) said...

Princess Eva,

It is very refreshing to converse with fellow royalty, all I have here is a repugnant kelb and peasant cats! Thank you kindly for the welcome. I too appreciate the Borzoi since seeing Swan Lake on TV.