Saturday, 4 July 2009

Day 692 of Captivity

I actually reduced the strange nerdy Infidel to a sniveling heap yesterday afternoon.  He had a small memory card in his pocket and just before he went to the bathroom he dropped it onto the floor.  I was going to alert him, but thought it would be much more pleasurable to chew it to tiny fragments.  I was right, it was indeed pleasurable and made more so when he realised and burst into tears.  I felt utter jubilation when  the female infidel then berated not me, but the nerdy one, for having left it lying about, because after all he should know what I am like.  I lay on the sofa opposite and smirked at him as he sat sullenly throwing me the odd surly look.  I thought the nerdy one would implode, as I moved over to him and lay my head on his lap, smirking up at him.  He looked positively wretched!

It was a different story this morning when I stole an English muffin from the back of the kitchen counter and ate it.  The  male infidel raged at me this morning, something about having to drive 8 hours just to get them.  Perhaps they shouldn't have been so reckless with their valuables in future, after all they know what I am like!  I believe the nerdy one felt vindicated, a small sacrifice on my part.

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Dennis the Vizsla said...

Hoist by his own petard!