Sunday, 5 July 2009

Day 693 of Captivity

This morning I was subjected to a most barbaric attack from the bellicose kelb!  I was in the lounge when I heard an insolent fowl goading  me from the garden.  I at once leapt into the affray and took off running, only to be squashed by the corpulent kelb in his headlong lurch towards the door.  The churlish creature jostled past me and I was flung unceremoniously into the refuse receptacle, at which point I landed hard and almost shattered my spine!  

I shrieked in agony and when no one came to my assistance, was forced to drag my battered frame back into the lounge.  I held up my disfigured leg, so the female infidel could know that her toady had physically crippled me.  She made a contemptible effort to placate me, but I was overwrought and took to my crate for the rest of the morning.  I shall seek retribution once I regain the strength in my withered limb.  I have spent the afternoon chewing my nails into sharp points, which I shall insert into the kelb's ears until he cries.  Vengeance shall be mine!


Princess Eva and Brice said...

Boys!!! When are they going to learn to respect and leave the appropriate space around a princess.

Princess Eva

Signe said...

Go for him stella. Keep the male kelb in his place. ha ha