Friday, 24 July 2009

Day 712 of Captivity

I was so dreadfully ill in the night on Wednesday and woke the female infidel in the early hours.  I think the kelb might have tried to have me dispatched, perhaps it would be prudent of me to employ a  food taster in future.  The neighbour's peasant cat might be a good candidate although I am not sure I trust those princes of darkness with my royal constitution!  I had to wake the female infidel 3 times to tend to me, she was in a black mood, as the male infidel seemingly slept through the entire episode, yet when she asked him whether he would like a cup of tea and some breakfast, he suddenly developed the hearing of a fruit bat.  I thought the female infidel would implode, but she took out her frustration on the crockery.

The female infidel thinks that my bout of illness was down to my greediness!  How VERY dare she!  I am the very epitome of restraint, unlike her toady, he is a walking garbage disposal unit.  I was crushed by her accusations and sulked on the couch all morning.

This morning ravaged with hunger, having only had a light meal yesterday I was forced to stoop to counter surfing in the kitchen.  This resulted in the nerdy infidel being chastised for not completing his chores and he was berated and forced to sort out the dishes.  A small recompense for having my food source whisked away.  The bonus was the nerdy one sulked and was miserable, I always get a degree of gratification out of seeing him suffer.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh hope you feel better Stella. Lots of love aunty jinty xxx