Sunday, 30 August 2009

Day 749 of Captivity

Unbelievable!  I was just tucking into my evening repast, when the electrical transformer in the garden went off and scared the living daylights out of me.  I scarpered, and as I was beating a retreat, the gluttonous kelb darted forward and took the male infidel slightly off guard.  He made a grab for my chicken leg, just as the male infidel leapt up and rugby tackled him to the ground.  A scuffle ensued, during which the male infidel got the kelb into a head lock and wrestled the stolen chicken from his vice-like mandibles.  The kelb was not giving up without a fight and he tried to guzzle the chicken leg, he looked like Marty Feldman; all bulging eyes, as the male infidel arose from the scrimmage victoriously holding the chicken leg aloft, keeping the kelb at bay with his leg.

The kelb was then put into the kitchen behind the screen door and he watched forlornly as I savoured every mouthful and enjoyed my reclaimed meal with gusto.  I relished every mouthful and made sure to take my time to eat it.  It is so satisfying seeing the kelb so dejected.  Once I had finished the kelb was released, and he exploded from the kitchen and almost knocked the male infidel flying in his attempts to lick my empty bowl completely clean ensuring every last morsel was gone.  


Luke Leigh said...

I am sooooo glad to see that you aren't the only one that suffers at her hands. Would have loved to have watched this one happen.

michela said...

AHAHAHHA!!! This is just the most hilarious blog one can evere come across!! Of course I may be slightly biased, being as I am only a poor human owned by Prince Uriel, a 3 year old male Saluki...but I've got to dash now, he is waking up from his afternoon nap and doesn't want to find me frittering time away at the computer... shall write back soon!
Greetings from Rome, keep posting!

Prince Uriel said...

... I wonder if the Infidels who hold you in captivity, dear Princess Stella, are aware of the fact that we Salukis are BORN TO RUN?!?
And I do not mean tied up to a silly bicycle contraption: we run in wide eliptic circles at top speed: what do they think you are, A DOG???
This is obviusoly a case of misunderstanding: Salukis are NOT dogs, are not to be crated, are not to be tied up to a silly bicycle, are not to be confined indoors or yes, we will become restless and destructive.
WHY keep a Saluki if you do not accept the need for RUNNING, SERIOUS RUNNING?
Of course we are beautiful and dignified but also are averagely more sensitive and intelligent than most canine cretures.And have specific needs.