Friday, 4 September 2009

Day 754 of Captivity

I cannot believe it!  The female Infidel didn't even bother to get any meat out of the freezer for us last night.  Instead we were forced to dine on a paltry meal of tuna and pasta.  I forced it down, only because I was half-starved not having been fed since yesterday!  I cannot believe that she would forget!  The service around here is deplorable!  Even the kelb looked dismayed when he saw her feeble offering, but of course he gulped it down and hoped that he could muscle in on my meal.

Having only been fed a pitiful meal, I was forced to resort to counter surfing for sustenance.  However, anything nice that I might have dined on had been put into a diabolical Infidel invention called Tupperware.  Damn evolution for not giving me opposable digits!  Surely even in the wild these would have been useful for twisting the heads off peasant cats and other vile vermin!  I am now concentrating very hard in the hope that I may manifest thumbs in the night.

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