Saturday, 24 December 2011

Day 81 in Exile

This morning, the shrew, myself and the kelb took our usual trot down to the beach and up into the hills.  Today she decided to take us up into the village on a circuit first and it turned out to be quite fun.  We walked up the hill out at the front of the house and on into the village.  Just at the top of the hill there is a builders yard and to the left of it a large pond teaming with ducks and geese.  The gate was open leading into the pond and I thought it might be fun to engage with these creatures.  I let out a bark and to mine and the shrew's absolute horror a big goose at the front reared up, all wings and beak and started to charge at me!  Very rude indeed!  I barked even more and started to rear up myself trying to free myself of the infidel shackles that they insist on walking me in.  The female was becoming hysterical as the goose ran up the lane towards the gate honking, closely followed by two or three others, all wings open and looking rather annoyed.  The harridan began to berate me and drag me up the road as she attempted to flee from the oncoming onslaught.  She almost tripped over me twice, as I was trying to pull my lead off and the kelb was as usual looking on gormlessly, as were a couple of villagers that had just come out of the shop.  I am not sure they have ever seen anything quite like it in their lives, a red faced shrieking harpy legging it up the road with a gormless kelb and a bucking hound, looking rather harrassed as she sped past them and yelled out "Sorry!"  The geese finally tired of chasing us and returned to their pond.  The villagers watched as the shrew darted out of sight into the scrub, giving me the stink eye all the way down the road.  I think she will find the beach and hills far less stressful in future!

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