Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day 167 in Exile

This morning we went out in the hideous car again, it was a lovely sunny day for a change and we were all thoroughly enjoying a pleasant bimble in the sun.  It all took a turn for the worse for the shrew though.  About half way round the walk she went off the path and into the trees, she appeared to have got caught short.  Clearly she did not trust us to wait on the path for her and we were dragged along with her to witness this horror.  She squatted down in the trees with the kelb looking gormlessly into her eyes, just inches from her face.  I tried to pretend it wasn't happening at all!

The kelb suddenly went from staring gormlessly into the shrew's eyes to looking quizzical and then alert, the shrew's eyes widened as he lunged towards her knocking her over and ran into the trees, his eyes firmly fixed on the prize of a retreating squirrel.  She was forced to let go of his lead before she risked having her shoulder dislocated as he plunged into the trees.  The shrew in a crumpled heap attempted to hang onto me as I had become interested in what the kelb was doing, while she attmepted to get up and wriggle back into her trousers all the while bellowing like a cow in labour that she was actually going to kill us this time!

She finally managed to get herself upright and respectable and she shouted the kelb, who finally emerged from the trees hopping as his front paw had become trapped in his head collar.  He looked very sheepish as the shrew freed his paw, whilst berating him for running off.  She spent the next 20 minutes stomping along the road in a rage, muttering to herself and constantly questioning what exaclty she had done to deserve such dogs.  I imagine she was bitterly regretting guzzling that flask of coffee on route this morning instead of back at the car, where she would have been just a ten minute drive from a bathroom!  She was  not very forthcoming with the sausages for the rest of the walk and seemed a little ticked off that the kelb and I remained on high alert for any other possible sightings of squirrels, bobbing and weaving our way along the path as she stumbled along behind us tutting loudly.


houndstooth said...

Oh, how I wish you had a collar cam! You tell the best stories!


Luke Leigh said...

Fortunately I had been to the toilet prior to reading this, otherwise I may well have PMSL! :-)