Thursday, 12 July 2012

Day 279 in Exile

The shrew cooked up a meal of Bratwurst and chips ( I know they are such cullinary giants!) a few days ago and the tubby infidels all tucked in with gusto.  The kelb and I were left sat in the background attempting our most pitiful looks in order to tempt the infidels into taking pity on us and sharing in their bounty.  It seemed we would have no such luck, and we were vigorously shooed away from  the edges of any plates in a most fierce manner!  We threw ourselves huffily to the floor and looked on salivating, as the greedy infidels scoffed down their tea without giving us a second thought!

Suddenly the shrew dropped half a sausage from her fork and to my horror the kelb immediately leapt into action pouncing in the direction that the sausage took as it fell from her fork.  He was no match for the shrew though; she swiftly caught the precious sausage with her knee and brutally fought the kelb off.  However, whilst she was pre-ocuppied with fending him off from the fallen prize, I swept in and swiped the remaining Teutonic delight from her plate and quickly choked it down on the run.  She was furious!  Oh it tasted delicious, I can see why the infidels are so reluctant to share it, even the man shrew was hard to work this evening as he relished each mouthful.

The shrew has the utter cheek to say that Salukis can sulk, it has been three days now and she is still eating as if she is on A Wing of a rather brutal prison!  If I even venture close to her plate I am met with the glint of her fork and a glare that would wither Superman.