Thursday, 25 October 2012

Day 384 in Exile

For once it is the kelb and not I that is in trouble!  This morning while we were out trudging in the torrential rain he saw a young deer.  I was far too busy wishing the shrew were wearing concrete shoes at the bottom of the ocean, as I slowly began to develop gills!  The kelb on the other hand sprang into action and darted down the hill like a tank.  The shrew, clearly not awake, was forced to flap about behind him like a limp hankerchief pulling me along for the ride as he powered down the hill.  It was so wet she struggled to gain traction and became shriller and shriller as she was dragged down the hill clinging onto his lead like an olympian water skier.  The deer had long gone into the brush, taking one look at the approaching gargoyle and red faced Medussa and fleeing for its life.  I was forced to trundle along as they engaged in battle, until the shrew finally managed to gain control and make an about turn in the opposite direction.  Thankfully we were heading back to the dry and warm of the car and the ride home.  I have put my jumper on and gone to bed for the day.  The kelb had better not even consider making eye contact with me today!  Not that I can see very well after having torretial rain beat into my eyes all morning!  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!