Friday, 23 November 2012

Day 410 in Exile

On the home stretch this morning the kelb was spending rather a long time sniffing about in the bushes, the shrew was growing impatient with him.  He continued to faff about in the scrub sniffing every blade of grass and withered thistle in his wake, the grumpy shrew trudged along beside him.  Suddenly we were all startled, the kelb appeared ot have accidently flushed a pheasant from the scrub ( I am sure it had absolutely NOTHING to do with his hunting "skills").  Once the kelb and I regained composure we wanted to go after it, there was a scuffle and some comotion followed by a thud and we were pulled towards the scrub only to come face to face with a vision of horror. 

The shrew had lost her footing in all the comotion and fallen into the scrub behind which was a rather large ditch.  The kelb and I peered over the ditch at the shrew who was on her back and seemed to have turned into Mrs De Niro.  Death threats were issued, she was all red faced and teeth as she scrabbled out of the ditch, she was covered in foul smelling bog water and her hair and clothes were festooned with dried dead thistles and grass. 

She made it back onto the bank of the ditch just in time for two surfers to come plodding through the field.  The kelb and I were forced to do the walk of shame past the surfers with the bog monster in tow.   I made eye contact to indicate that the stink was emenating from the shrew and once again the shrew found herself in the field with a pair of surfers scrabbling to get away from her.  We picked up the pace homeward as she snarled and gnashed her way along the path.  I suspect that walks may be off the agenda this weekend!


Sue Patmore said...

Your lovely blogs and Facebook photo's and comments never fail to raise a smile, thank you love it Sue

Sue Patmore said...

Your blog and Facebook photo's and comments never fail to raise a smile. Thank you for them all Suex

houndstooth said...

Hee hee hee! That shrew of yours never learns, does she?