Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Day 420 in Exile

Another walk down to the beach this morning.  There was a dead seal washed ashore and the seagulls were all feasting on it, until the kelb arrived!  He spent most of the morning chasing seagulls into the sea and then being chased away from the carcass of the seal by the shrew.  It was hilarious to see her waving her arms and shrieking at him, I am sure he was toying with her today.  Maybe my evil is rubbing off on him at last.

We went up into the dunes, my favourite part.  I was running about attempting to excavate the rabbits from their warrens with little luck.  I went off up onto a high bit of the dune on my long line and the shrew walked along at the bottom.  She called me to hurry up at one point and when she got no response she gave the line a gentle tug, which was enough to catch me off balance.  To my horror I did a roly poly down the sand dune and landed in a heap at the bottom on my back, all four of my little stick legs were stuck up in the air flailing to get right again.  The shrew turned to see this spectacle and burst out laughing as I writhed around on the floor trying to get up.  It took the old bat a while to compose herself and finally come to my aid, by which time I had managed to right myself.  I stuck my nose up in the air and pushed past the giggling shrew.  She spent the rest of the walk insisting on telling me just how hilarious she thought my predicament was and chuckled to herself all the way back to the house!  How VERY dare she!