Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 233 in Exile

I have been feeling rather cranky recently.  The weather has changed from Arctic conditions to a heatwave in just a few days.  Of course the hapless shrew is unprepared so I was forced to pant my lungs out yesterday, until she had the good sense to cover me with a cold wet towel.  Apparently she has ordered me an electric fan, but it won't arrive until Tuesday.  Those delivery saps clearly have no idea whom it is for! 

We went for a walk yesterday to Borgie Forest Trail, but it was so hot I couldn't be bothered and we didn't walk too far.  I took a paddle in the river to cool off, but I remained in a foul mood all evening.  The shrew was a little put out when I gave her a telling off for trying to move me off her bed when I was quite comfy thank you very much!  This is when she decided a towel might be a good idea as she was getting the idea that I was cross and grumpy.

This morning things have gone from bad to worse, the shrew decided that a nice bath would keep me cool.  I was subjected to being brutally manhandled into the shower cubicle and shampooed to whithin an inch of my life!  The fact that she had to chase me all over the house to get me in there was not enough to hint for her puny mind that I did not want a bath!  I am now sulking in my bed having suffered the humiliation of having my bathing pictures strewn all over Facebook like cheap pornography!  Those infidels are a depraved bunch! 

The shrew will pay for this outrageus behaviour!  One is NOT amused!