Thursday, 28 August 2014

Day 3 million in Exile (it sure feels like it)

Well I haven't blogged in some time, the shrew was so busy with sorting out our old house so that we could sell and move on.  Eventually she announced that we were moving to Buckie, I became so excited!  FINALLY the shrew had realised my status in life and secured me a palace befitting my status, although I thought her rather crude calling THE palace "Buckie"!!

You can imagine my dismay when I discovered we were not moving to the palace of my dreams but to a little Scottish fishing town in the Highlands! 

Thankfully the house is actually quite nice and best of all it sports a huge walled garden that I have been able to run free in.  I have made the most of this, spending many an afternoon zooming up and down the length of the garden.  Last week the shrew got in my way and I ran into her at full speed, she spent the next few hours being really dramatic and likening it to being run down by a train!  How VERY dare she, besides it was her fault for getting in the path of a full speed Saluki!
Yesterday we went out walking along the sea front, it is just out the door for us and a nice walk.  There is a park just along the way which we passed through.  As we were walking along a kelb came in the opposite direction with its owner, it was on a lead and didn't dare to make eye contact with me ( he obviously knew his place), just to be sure he knew how powerful I was I reared up on my back legs and windmilled at it to make sure it stayed far away from me.  As I was windmilling I somehow managed to clip my own toe to my lead with the clip fastening that attaches it to my collar.  Aside from this being extremely embarrassing it blooming hurt as well as it was pinching my toe.  There ensued a scene from Platoon as I launched myself into a dramatic death roll and began screaming like I was being murdered.  The shrew became quite flustered as she attempted to release me from the torture, but the clip was one that pushed inwards rater than down (I have escaped from a downward clasp lead several times now).  Every time she tried to push the clasp in to release it my toe was in the way and my shrieking became louder and my psychotic outburst more and more dramatic.  In the end the shrew lay me on my side and lay ON me and quickly released the catch.  I was still horrified that she had lay on me it took a while to realise that my painful trauma was over!  We did continue on with the walk, but the shrew has decided to try a harness so my lead is behind me to prevent any further episodes, as she knows I will always shake my fist at a passing kelb. 


Wendy Addison said...

Stella, you must have been born under an accidental star, and so must have Mrs Shrew, to have ended up with each other. Your new home town sounds lovely, and a whole population of new kelbs to terrorise!

houndstooth said...

I can't begin to imagine your horror over the whole incident! I give you kudos for being able to get up and walk away from it at all!