Sunday, 26 October 2014

Day 3 million and several more in Exile

I have found a new game that is so fun!  The shrew gets really agitated if I run up to the top of the garden and start lurking in the bushes looking shifty.  She normally goes out with us and wanders about the garden keeping an eye on us, especially after the Border Collie incident.  This morning while she was putting out the recycling I made a bolt for the top of the garden.

The shrew followed and stood at the tree and watched me, I decided that the game was not fun enough this morning.  I disappeared into the bushes at the top and wandered about with my shiftiest look on my face, the shrew called.  I rubber eared her and upped the ante by wandering into the corner just out of sight.  The shrew called again, the kelb ran down the garden and I remained lurking in the bushes.  The shrew called again, I could tell by the shrillness in her voice that she was cracking.  I remained in the bushes.  The shrew lost patience and came marching up the garden.  The garden is on quite a steep incline so marching up it is not as easy as it sounds.  She looked like a psychotic penguin as she waddled up the hill calling me repeatedly.  The very top right hand side of the garden is quite boggy, I popped out of the bushes and wandered into the boggy part of the garden.  The shrew called me down again, I was finding her frustration quite amusing at this point and I wandered back into the bushes.  The shrew decided she was going to follow me and shoo me down the garden. 

She climbed the hill further and stepped onto the boggy part of the garden.  She immediately sank. She panicked and tried to step further up, her crocks got stuck in the boggy mud (best place for those hideous things if you ask me) and to her horror she stepped out of them and into the boggy oozing mud.  She was now ankle deep in quaggy mud and she did not look amused in the slightest.  At this point I decided the bushes were boring and I ran down to the bottom of the garden, leaving her stranded and cursing at the top of the garden as she attempted to free herself from her predicament.  She came squelching down the garden with a face like thunder and is now sat in the laundry room scrubbing her grubby feet and muttering under her breath.

I am chuckling on the couch.  I must play that game with her again, she seemed to REALLY enjoy it this morning!