Monday, 8 December 2014

Day 4 million or thereabouts in Exile

Yesterday morning the shrew got up and put the kettle and the TV on and let the kelb and I out into the garden.  At least she attempted to let me out, but it was hideous!  Freezing cold and sleeting, I would rather risk renal collapse than venture out into Arctic conditions!  The kelb went out into the garden and starting making off for the top end of the garden, the shrew becomes very agitated if we go up there at the moment as apparently it is a quagmire, she is SO dramatic! She was furtively chasing the kelb around to bring him back down to the bottom of the garden when Andrew Marr Started on the television.  The music at the beginning is a trumpeting sound, which prompted me to stick my head out of the back door and fill my lungs and let out a very long, very loud burst of Saluki song.  The next thing I knew the shrew darted from behind the workshop, threw me a death stare and told me to shut up!  I was outraged and sang a bit longer and louder, why on earth would the neighbours not appreciate my wonderful voice at 9 am on a Sunday morning? 

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